Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ladies Beware: Harmful Beauty Products

The simple beauty routines you follow on a day to day basis could be responsible for some of your worst health problems.

Yes, it’s a scary thought, and while many of us simply can’t do without some of these products, it would be wise to practise some caution when using them.

Here’s a list of some beauty products that could be bad for your health:

Skin Lighteners

There are certain skin lightening creams that contain poisonous amounts of mercury and other heavy metals. Checking the labels of the facial creams you use may save you from some scary side effects, such as memory loss and impaired vision and hearing.


Certain lipsticks are known to contain dangerous levels of lead, which is detrimental to your health when ingested.

And even though some of the best lipstick brands have been known to contain lead, there is no safe level of lead that can be used in products.

The best way to avoid it, is by trying to keep from licking your lips or swallowing bits of your lipstick (which is very possible).

Nail polish

Many trendy nail polishes contain over 30 toxic chemicals. In worst case scenarios, some of these have been known to lead to birth defects and infertility.

What’s even worse is that getting your nails done at a nail bar or salon can cause a number of infections if the equipment isn’t sterilised properly.

Always make sure that your salon is clean and sterile, and try to buy products that are non-toxic.


Bacteria can easily be found on mascara wands that are more than three months old. Most mascaras do contain preservatives that kill bacteria, but they don’t last forever and have been known to expire after about 3 months.

So, if yours is more than three months old, perhaps it’s time to consider a new one!

Eye shadow

Because eye shadow is applied so closely to the eye, infections can easily be transferred. Old and un-cleaned make-up carries a higher risk of giving you an infection, so always make sure to keep yours hygienic.

Fake Tans

Spray tans may seem to be a safer option to tanning beds, but they too have their hazards. Self-tanning sprays are known to contain DHA which is highly toxic to the skin.

The ingredient reacts to the skins amino acids and can over time cause changes in the skins pigmentation.

Stay away from any form of tanning!


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