Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ladies: Cheat your way to looking younger

These instant tips for the lazy woman will knock years off your age in mere hours.


Looking good and feeling youthful is hard work. You need to eat whole, wholesome foods, drink lots of water, do regular exercise, protect your skin from the sun, not smoke or drink alcohol, get at least 8 hours sleep every night AND have amazing genes and even then you will still lose the battle against ageing.

So if you “ain’t got no time for dat” here’s how you cheat your way to looking younger:

Stop using powder
Rather use a light cream foundation to make your face look dewy and fresh than have powder take the natural glow from your skin. If you do use powder instead of foundation, use something with a bronzing agent in it.

Start wearing blusher

A bit of healthy colour in your cheeks is the fastest way to drop 5 years off your face. Just don’t overdo it, and remember to dab a spot on your chin, nose and forehead.

Take a really hot bath

In the long run hot baths drain your skin of natural oils and will make you look older, but as an emergency measure it works a charm. By dilating all the small blood vessels in your skin your face suddenly looks plumper, younger and fresher. Just give yourself enough time so that you don’t have to face people looking like a lobster.

Change your lipstick

If you’re of an age to worry about looking older then I bet you’ve been wearing the same shade of lipstick for the last 5 years. Mix it up a bit. Try something new. And go for a lighter colour as harsh colours drain the skin of colour and make you look older.

Take a nap
Beauty sleep is not a facetious term. When you sleep your body has time for skin cell regeneration. Although the ideal is to get regular sleep, an emergency nap will lighten your eyes and help with puffiness.

Change your hair

Are you living in 2013 but your hair is still in the late 90s? For shame! There is nothing that ages you faster than an out of date hairstyle. I’m not saying you should go all Lady Gaga on your locks, but at least get it into the right century


Look great and you will think great.


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