Sunday, 14 April 2013

Women: Cheap ways to get your body in shape

Most of the people want to improve their health and stay in shape but will face tough task in order to maintain their regimen. There are number of ways out there to get a perfect body shape. Many of these ways will cost you more money.

Try these cheap and easy ways to a healthy body:

1. Go for walk: It is one of the cheapest ways to stay in shape. Simple walk in the morning or evening is good for overall health. If you can walk regularly, you can control your weight, improves your mood, manages Type 2 diabetes and lowers the blood pressure levels.

2. Drink tons of water: You have to drink at least five litters of water every day in order to stay healthy. Water regulates body temperature and help in excreting urine and other poisons items from body. Water also helps in protecting body from shocks, injuries and frictions.

Water is the cheapest liquid available in the world so make use of water.

3. Be natural: Always prefer natural foods. As they contain more nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Avoid unprocessed food as they contain toxins which are bad to your health.

4. Plan your portions: Many people eat too much, gain weight and join in weight reduction programs. To avoid all these plan your portions well before you eat.

5. Take steps instead of elevator: If possible take steps instead of elevator as it is one form of exercise. Most of the people are identifying the importance of taking steps and avoiding the elevator.

6. Sugar is you enemy: If you love sweets, candy and cookies minimize them for your own safety. According to new survey eating too much sugary items can affect your immune system, causes tooth decay and other adverse health problems.

7. Eat at home: Any item which made in home nearly 50 % of the cost of hotel. It is every economical to cook with your own hands in your own home. You will have full awareness on cleanliness standards as you prepare in home.

8. Stay away from salty foods:
Excess intake of salty foods will show adverse effects on your health. It is closely linked with blood pressure, hypertension and stroke.

9. Start exercising:
Regular exercise is very important to stay in shape as it controls your body weight, improves quality of life and strengthens muscles.

10. Buy fitness book or use the internet: This is also one of the cheap way to stay fit. If you crawl through web, you will find loads of information regarding health. Buy a good fitness book to know the ways of staying healthy and fit.

11. Make use of recreation programs and parks: Check out are there any free wellness programs, low cost exercise tips and free gym access.

You can a hire a personal trainer to get your body in shape. If you can’t afford to hire a personal instructor, you can apply for same day loans which are easy to apply.

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