Thursday, 10 May 2012

On Great Expectations

Welcome Back

I think I should now conclude the story and leave the rest to your imagination. My dearest friend carried on with life struggles in the UK. The office jobs were a nightmare because of her accent and in the end, she had to accept the waitressing job.

The job came with its challenges. My friend was expected to be quick and effective. She was expected to balance two to three trays for customers and she just didn't have the stamina.

Within 10 mins she spent trying to waitress,she broke six plates and spluttered food all over the place. The manager could not take it ,so my dear friend was demoted to washing dishes in the kitchen. She didn't like it but thought she would give it a try.  It was hot and  steamy. She kept on being told,
''Move it, Move it girl''  by one of the chef. She didn't seem to be doing the right thing in the kitchen. She  however still had her pride. She just took off her apron and walked away.

In ten minutes she had a job,lost it and got moved to another but still walked away.

Her big European dream shattered once again. Still at home she had to tell them things were alright.

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