Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Of Great Expectations 3

Welcome Back

Well I thought I should get back to my story of many people's big European Dream. Carrying on from where I left, my friend was still struggling and she did not feel comfortable anymore working in the office because of her accent. She still did not give up completely. What finally made her leave the office job was a mistake she made that nearly costed her life. She still went to work in her suits and high heeled shoes. All this time a friend had been dropping her at work. In the evening her boyfriend was picking her up so she did not have to know where the bus stop was.

On this particular day,she had to catch the bus but had no idea where the bus stop was. After walking for some distance she managed to find someone to ask where the bus stop was.

My friend however failed to get the directions and walked towards where the man had pointed without really thinking. She had no idea how deadly the motorway could be. Very different from the Kenyan roads.

In her suit and heels, she walked on and on and on and before she knew it, she was walking on the motorway. She kept on walking until she was on the road. Cars started hooting and she realised she was going to get killed.

''Crazy woman get out of the road. Are you on a mission to get killed?'', drivers shouted at her.

For the drivers it was sad to see a smartly dressed woman dicing with death on the motorway.
To actually avoid slipping in the road,she started to crawl until she was within a safe distance.
 That narrow escape made her realise life was not as rosy as people back home were made to believe. The good thing was , she was learning.

To be continued tomorrow!

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