Monday, 7 May 2012

Once an abuser always an abuser

Welcome All

Today I thought I should focus my attention on something different. I will however carry on with my friend's European dream and expectations another time.

When I was young, I know I am old now, I accompanied an aunt to see her boyfriend- a teacher. I was excited because being a chaperone sounded grown up. I did not know why I was excited at the time but I was eager to observe adult stuff. When we finally left I thought I was going to have some good time. My aunt's boyfriend was nice to me and because he had one room that night I slept on the floor while obviously they slept on the bed.
I will not go into detail about what I saw and heard that night but I think you know what I mean. I did not mind what they did but what made me angry was what happened the following day. The two had a row. I didnot get what the row was about but it was a big one. When the row started I was outside so I rushed in the room to see what was happening. My aunt's face was red and she was holding her jaw. She was slapped again while I was by the door. Then again and again. I started screaming.

''Can you shut up!'', he barked at me.

I was scared and ran outside. How can a man so nice to me turn into such a monster?
I waited outside for what seemed an eternity and finally my aunt called me in.

''I want to go home now'', I said.

''We can't go home. Maybe tomorrow or day after'', my aunt said.

I was surprised.How can she even think of staying after the way she had been slapped? I thought to myself.

I saw them making up kissing and him cooing like a bird. My aunt was taken for shopping and I stayed behind reading my book. I still could not believe why she thought things were going to be alright after such an attack. But that is love,it makes people blind and deaf.

I was still going to ask her why she was slapped by her boyfriend and my chance was to come soon.

'Ladies remember once an abuser always an abuser!'

To be continued...

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