Thursday, 3 May 2012

Of being Married to a Devil (Part 1)

Welcome back.

You might be wondering where I was.I have been busy but I am back now to share something with you from my book. Most people would like to know what ''Married to a Devil'' is all about.  The book deals among other things matters of marriage relationships gone wrong. Rape and violence are order of the day. Added to that is the stigma of disabilty. Those married I guess have at some point thought of that of their partners. Marriage is good but needs commitment, caring , love and respect. If all or if some of these qualities among others lack in a marriage ,it might lead one to think of their situation as being married to a devil.

My cousin was raped, sexually abused mentally and fought the ridicule and stigma associated with her disability and for her it was like being in hell- married to a devil

How many of you have asked themselves this question in relationships -''Am I not being married to a devil?'' because of the way they are treated.

Mind you -devils are not only male,they can be female as well!!

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