Friday, 4 May 2012

On Great Expectations

I thought today I will not look at Married to a Devil but talk about something else. I know some of you might be surprised by this because I am not talking about Dickens. I am talking about living abroad.

This is not my story but since I am good at writing about other people's stories,a friendly recently asked me to share this with you.

 The good thing is this is similar to many people who moved abroad.

 ''Having born and bred in Kenya,my first 's first visit to the UK was really an achievement'',she said to me.

Friends envied her. She had big dreams. She had a degree and thought the sky will be the limit in the developed UK.It sounded cool when she told her friend and a week before ,she used all her savings to get new clothes. Guess what she bought? I think you know already- Suits. She was looking forward to rubbing shoulders in big offices with big bosses.
She was in for  surprise.

Her first job encounter with a agency turned into horror when she was told the only jobs available were in care work, cleaning and waitressing.

How can that be?she thought to herself. She was furious.

''Did you not get me? I said I have a degree in Public Relations. I can't do care work surely'',she finally said once she recovered.

No they are wrong,she thought to herself.

''Well,this is England. These are the jobs we have. Maybe you want to think about it and get back to us'',the lady said.

My friend was surprised .She never thought she would be offered a cleaning job,not with a degree.
Still she did not give up. She still had hope and thought the foolowing days will be better.
I know I am talking about what most people have experienced in diaspora - great expectations but shattered by the reality.

Food for thought for people who never left home and thinks diaspora is full of money and opportunities. Opportunities yes,but one has to work. Don't get me wrong,it's not all gloomy but it happens.

To be continued...

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