Monday, 30 April 2012

Married to a Devil

I have recently had my book ''Married to a Devil'' published by Chipmunka and most people started asking me the question, ''What happened to Vimbai? Is she still alive?'' It's sad isn't it ,to be born disabled and go through all that. Yes it is a true story. Very inspirational though to anybody men and women. I will not at this point disclose what happened to Vimbai though.
And yes disability was an issue when I was growing up and it was just unacceptable. There was always something wrong with a family of with a disabled child.
Having nearly raped myself ,I know waht went through many men's minds when they saw Vimbai and her heavy arm. However she perservered it all and soldiered on.

Married to a Devil brings hope to all and proves that determination is the key to success and that disability is not inability.

Enjoy the book!!
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