Sunday, 22 April 2012

On Racism in Africa

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Whenever people talk about racism, it's always thought they are talking about black and white. While this is true in many cases,sometimes racism can exist between people of the same skin colour. 
In 2009,I shared accomodation with an old man from Jamaica. Much as he pretended to chat with me when he could and talk about Africa,he could not hide how much he hated black Africans. As far as he was concerned,there was no life in Africa except poverty,killing each other with machetes and procreation. That is a mind of an ignorant person or ne with a chip on shoulder.

At first I was angry with him as one would in the circumstances,but I realised it was ignorance on his part.

All I know is all people are equal whether black,brown or white.

The reason I am talking about racism is because of an article I read of a South African woman who said to a black man, ''You are a kaffir and you will remain a Kaffir''. This woman was not provoked in any way. I did not know people still used the word. Disappointing especially in the democratic South Africa where tolerance has long been preached by Mandela the great.

 Having been in South Africa myself many times I know how some white South Africans especially the older generation still treat black South Africans like second class citizen. I know of friends and relatives who work for these white South Africans and how on daily basis take insults based on the skin colour.
I also know of good white South Africans who treat black people as equal.

It's a weird world.

To those ignorant people who thinks there is something wrong with being black or being black African,I challenge you to have good look at yourself. You will know why you think in such a moronic way.It's because you have chip on your shoulder and tries to make yourself feel better by belittling others.How pathetic.

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