Saturday, 21 April 2012

Of Rape and Rapists Part 2

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Much as I want to put this topic aside,I still think I can say more. Following my comment on the South African gang rape( where a disabled girl of 14 was gang raped), I was surprised by the comments from the next of kin/ relatives of the perpetrators.

One of the boys' grandmother said,

 ''How can such good boys and God fearing boys do such a thing? It's not them.''

It is clear these boys do not fear and respect anybody including the parents who are supporting them.The fact remains these boys were caught on camera and to even call them God fearing is like mocking God or maybe there is another god they are refering to, not the God we all know.

Besides being sick in th head,these boys are sadistic and in my opinion do not deserve to be called human beings.

The problem I still think lies with many cultures. This attitude that women are their to be possesed has led many rapists to believe they have to prove a point to society and their fellow men-hence gang rapping.

In the socially volatile African life filled with HIV/AIDS, one really feel pity for the women who could be innocently infected. The question is why?
Maybe schools curricula should include lessons on Rape and the consequences on victims and society at large. Tougher prison sentences should be given to those guilty.

Like he is the role model to many( having got away with rape himself) ,Zuma should come clean and let his citizens know it is inhuman to inflict such pain on another being    

This says it all.."god-fearing”, “kind-hearted”, “good” and “hard-working" men in South Africa do gang rape of a mentally vulnerable minor.

Watch your backs people, our world is not what we used to think it is.

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