Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ladies it's all your fault

Welcome Back.

I have not been blogging for the past two days because of a tooth ache.Anyway it feels better now thanks to my dentist.

This time I am talking about an experience which took place early this year when I visited my family in Africa.  Having spend most of my time cold in the UK,I always try to time the journey for when it's warm. So while friends were celebrating the beginning of a new year,I was getting excited and preparing for my journey to mother Africa.

When I arrived all was well.Friends and family were happy to see me. I travelled to see relatives around the country and was just happy.

Having been looking forward to a warm January among my clothes were several short dresses and shorts. Surely something that would be ideal for warm weather.  Little did I expect an attack from my fellow countrymen.
On one occasion a man shouted at me saying ,''Someone should rape you to teach you a lesson. How can you dress like that? People like you are spreading disease around''.

I was gobsmacked. Here I was,trying to enjoy myself and having to rush to the car for safety because some stupid men thought I should have been wearing a very long  dress.

All I know is in life we all have choices and if I chose to wear a short dress,that's my choice and people should just let me be.

I don't question men when they take off their shirts because of the heat.

As if that was not enough in the capital itself as I was walking drawing in the scenery another man roughly pushed past me and said ''Young lady,its all your fault if you get raped''.
At that instant I realised how dangerous it was for me around there but I continued walking as if nothing had happened.
I had so many questions but I also realised that society has always justifies  the unjustifiable. Why should it be the lady's fault if some sick minded person decides to rape? Long dress or short dress,should women not feel free to walk about?

I still don't understand why those men thought if one wears a short dress they should be raped so that they learn a lesson.What lesson? There is many rape victims who had never even worn short skirts or dresses but still got raped.

Come on ,Let's face it, it is the kind of excuse given by silly, sick, twisted and weak men.

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