Friday, 20 April 2012

Of Rape and Rapists

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I thought since I had my people having a go at me over my support of gay rights, I should change the topic and talk about something else. I will talk about Rape.

According to African News 24, South Africa has been named by Interpol the ''world rape capital''
It further said in South Africa,''Girls have a more chance of being raped than being educated''. Sick,don't you think? I think it's crazy and it's time the SA government take this seriously.

I further managed to follow South Africans and their reaction to this and most agree and some were actually congratulating Zuma for leading country to this. How can ordinary people not do it when the president himself was once involved in a rape case. Like father like son they say. Has the South African President failed to be examplary? If he could rape and get away with it then surely those without conscience think they can follow suit.

If it was only a South African issue I would believe them. The truth is cases of rape are on the increase in many societies even the West which brings the question -is there something wrong with our men? Why when a woman says no do men think they are saying yes?
Those who rape have no idea how they mess up people's lives and the trauma these people carry until they die.

I was nearly raped myself when I was at the University more than a decade ago and this is the first time I have said it because I was touched by the disabled teen who was gang raped in South Africa. I said was nearly because I managed to scream and luckily help was nearby and my attacker escaped but I still think about it like it happened yesterday. I can imagine how difficult it is to move on for those who are actually raped.

In most cases rape victims are made to feel as if it was their fault which is why I never reported my attempted rape despite knowing the culprit. In some communities the perpertrators are protected by society because ''the woman was begging for it'' which is wrong. Is it a power and control game or just lack of understanding of men?

In many rape cases women always say no to these sexual advances but  it seems it's a language that some of these men or animals can never understand.

I think it's time society shifts the blame to men instead of always blaming the victims. I also think it's time people in power take this crime seriously lest we go back to the age were women get more and more dehumanized.

To those men who have a habit of raping women, I guess I can safely say they are cowards if not animals who don't deserve to be called human beings. How can anyone enjoy the suffering of another being?

Maybe it's time we go back to basics and teach men to respect women and if a person says No to sex,then they mean No. This applies to those even in relationships- wives ,girlfriends and partners. Any sexual advance without the other part's consent is still rape.

Let's help one another to fight this henious crime against humanity.

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