Thursday, 19 April 2012

Of being Homosexual in Africa

Welcome Back

What I am going to say has been said so many times and  I merely repeating known facts.I will say it though because I want to.
Yesterday a friend texted me on ''Whatsapp'' and said he had a new woman.
I said , ''You and women,what happened to the one you had before?'

He said,''You should be happy because I am not gay''.

I was shocked. I know many people in Africa think or are made to think it's wrong to be a homosexual but  I do not agree and I did not expect to hear this from my young friend.

He is only twenty six and all his time he hd been told ''being gay is wrong''.
There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It's time Africa face the truth. Whether they like it or not homosexuality has always been there- obviously back then done behind closed doors and it will always be there.
To the younger generations of Africans it's time to accept reality and stop burying your heads under the sand. There is nothing wrong with being what one wants to be.
As individuals we are all our own authors with different stories.

To my friend I said '' Whether you were gay or not I will be happy''.
He did not understand and said Europe had changed me. The truth I grew up with a gay cousin and there was nothing wrong with him. I have always respected his sexual orientation and that was before I came to Europe.
If we are tolerant of one another,the world would be a better place.


  1. Homosexuality is not acceptable within the black society and thats also the reality. In my opinion it can be considered an abnormality because i dont think that theres anyone who is born homosexual, and thats why theres no scientific evidence to it. If its an abnormality, why is it not treated like other abnormalities like mental illness etc, where people are re-habilitated. I think what the black african society doesnt like about the whole issue is the way in which homosexuality is being handled. People are fighting for gay rights each and everyday but there are no re-habilitation efforts for the "abnormal" individuals. jumping into giving them rights does not solve anything from an african perspective, and thats why it will take time for the practice to be acceptable within africans

    1. Unacceptable as it is homosexuality is and will still be there among africans like everywhere in the world. The sooner we accept the better. Hiding it will mean it will grow in the shadows of 'normal society'.
      My cousin I mentioned earlier on,had all the qualities of a woman.He was more feminine than I from a very young age and he is gay.
      Whether it's scientifically proven or not this is what he feels is right for him and who am I to question him?
      Unlike mental illness,he is not ill and does not need any treatment. While as a woman I enjoy a sexual reltionship with a man, my cousin a man -enjoys his with another man,whats wrong with that? He enjoys it and that's what matters.
      I think they deserve the rights you and me have. Whether in Africa ,Asia or Europe we will never be able to stop people being homosexuals.The sooner we accept this the better. With or without rights people are people and will always find a way. In my country homosexuals actually go and live in South Africa where they are tolerated.