Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Love life and Food

Many of us believe that the way to their lover’s heart is through their stomach and simply feed them everything and anything they like. But when someone like Christian Grey creates rules around food, it’s more than just the heart he’s after.

Maintaining optimal health through good nutrition has a very positive effect on our entire wellbeing and that includes the libido. Our sex drive and appetite are governed by our hormones and when our diet doesn’t contain the necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements, our sex hormones get out of sync and we lose our mojo, which makes the world a very sad and dreary place indeed.

To avoid this we need to introduce a couple of deliciously decadent aphrodisiacs in to our daily diet.

Allow Masterchef or any one of the many other foodie programmes to inspire you. Challenge your amateur cheffing skills and spend some time in the kitchen rustling up a couple of tasty tidbits as part of foreplay.

Toss together a salad which includes asparagus spears and avocado pear, both of which are rich in folic acid and boosts the production of histamine. This feeds the brain, which is the biggest sex organ of all.
The zinc in a raw oyster aids the release of hormones that boosts your libido and encourages the production of sperm, which by the way, will be vastly improved in flavour if regular helpings of pineapple are introduced into your man’s diet.
A tasty and healthy way to do this is to make a fruit salad with pineapple, strawberries and bananas. These are all rich in chelating minerals and the bromeliad enzymes which are guaranteed to get the libido soaring.

Throw in a handful of almonds and trickle over some sweet, sticky honey, which is a great source of boron and the B vitamins, and you and your partner will be well on the way to enjoying an enhanced sex drive and more intense and frequent orgasms.

Sharing foods which are psychologically suggestive, have psychoactive properties or help maintain good blood flow to the sex organs is bound to get you both in the mood and keep it that way. And then when your man starts to take a leaf out of Grey’s book and says things like, “I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of man … I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular,” you’ll know that his hormones are at optimum level and that it’s time to reintroduce a little moon light and roses.

Romance is important too. Bring out the chocolates. We all adore these. They make us feel good and are full of the love chemical PEA which does wonders for releasing dopamine in the pleasure centre of the brain.


Make the most of life!

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