Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Married to a Devil- Motivational and inspirational

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When I started writing ''Married to a Devil'', I was not sure I will keep the title but then I liked it. Recently a colleague said to me asked me why? I could not explain and I still can not explain in this article because I will spoil the story for those who are yet to read it.

All I can say is ''Married to a Devil'' is a story that gives hope to those without, a voice to the voiceless and light to the world.
Sometimes people get scared of talking about these things. Lets face it rape,abuse and mental stress happens to people and many times we ignore or even point a finger at those involved. Sometimes we even make people shy away from talking about these issues because we make them  feel uncomfortable.

The story of Vimbai does not only show bravery of a disabled woman but determination and perseverence. In the end she saw the light she was looking for.

This is real Life.

If  you realized how powerful your thoughts are,you would never think a negative thought. Vimbai learnt this and in the end she managed to face and challenge her demons.

Enjoy your reading.

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