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Does the future for Africa lie in women's hands?

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Much as I love saying these I know I risk a danger of being called a feminist by cynics but also what is wrong with being a feminist? I will carry on thanks to my friend who picked on the topic. Let me remind whoever will read that I am not comparing Africa with the world but in this discussion it is Africa and Africa alone that I am touching on.

Most African leaders have turned themselves into absolute rulers and seem to confuse duty and care for the common people. This has costed the continent so much. Despite the many resources Africa is still struggling with diseases,famine,wars etc. Even those with diamonds and other minerals still beg and have the masses suffering and failing to make ends meet.Most African leaders(men mostly) lie, loot and even harrass and kill their people so as to stay in power. They have no mercy. Throughout history, It has been known that mothers always feed their young ones,so likewise a female president would feed her people.Dictators have always been men.

Women in power would not abandon their nation unlike their male counterparts. The recent inaugaration of Mrs Banda as president of Malawi seems to be pointing that. She has proved to be a good leader as well as a protector and carer for the nation.

Women are by nature motherly,caring and loving among other things and I am sure they would not let their people starve, or take their people to war. Women would always look after the nation. Think of how your mother looked after you till you were strong enough to say goodbye to her without crying.
There are bad women in the world as well but instictively women are carers. Looking at African politics,the corrupt male leaders,self centred and greedy I think it's time for a change. The change in Africa only has to come from the loving and caring women.

Mrs Banda,the Malawian president is already showing how tolerant she is and even announced how she is going to go as far as review the gay laws much as Malawi had an anti gay policy before. She has also promised to do more economically to save the nation from going under.

Wherever you look ,women are enterprising-working or looking after the family, would they dare steal from the family they love if they are in power?- I do not think so!!

Women will always be mothers at heart and will instictively act as one and provide for the nation.

I think for Africa to grow ,it needs more women in leadership positions and it can only happen if more women work towards that provided they get support from both men and women. Women should step up to the mark and show the world what they can do.

 Remember the saying, If you educate a man you educate an individual,but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.

Food for thought!!

To be continued....

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