Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Democracy- Old Vs Young

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Just wanted to comment on the situation in Egypt and relate it to African politics. I read with interest an article explaining how hard it has been for the new Arab countries seeking democracy. Much as everyone both young and old wanted change they didnot necessarily share the same as regards to how this change was going to come about.

Interestingly on Egypt's road to democracy,different people had  different  expectations and choices to make. However the old seem to have needed to convince that change will come with new political leaders whereas the young voters seemed embraced for younger and different leaders.  Is change young?

In USA in the 2009 election change was  great with the young ones putting their trust in President Obama's charm compared to his much older opponent. Tweeting and other social nertworks used for campaigning which was great. Having seen how the world of internet has changed the world it is easy to conclude that some parts of Africa have been able to embrace this change to their advantage.

 On the other hand down south of the equator- Southern African not much political change has been attributed to the internet era. Mostly people in Southern Africa use the internet more as a social networking than campaigning and bringing in change to a government.

The search for democracy by countries like Egypt, Algeria was exaccerbeted by social networking. Pictures of updates on what was happening where and when was immediately available to the international community which made it easy to follow up. Those who like d to hide all the abuse ,injustices and undemocratic ways had no chance. The younger generation was at it tweeting etc letting the world know what was happening. Truly even those not interested in international politics had their attention drawn by what was happening in the Arab region.

Come to think of it who would not have noticed all those university students,professionals and ordinary peole crying for democracy.

In many countries the younger generations have always been known to agitate for change but the internet generation has had more chance of succeding in bringing change.
Even in autocratic countries ,democracy is always agitated for by the younger generation while the old still hold on to the glories of the past.  Nice as it is we need to always accept change when it is good.

We need the past to shape our future but we also have to move forward.

Just food for thought guys!!!

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