Saturday, 12 May 2012

Can abortion for raped women/girls be justified?

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I know I am touching on a sensitive issue but these things have to be said.

In his campaign for Romney, Rick Santorum believes all abortions should be banned even for those women or girls who have been raped. 

Well,I think most women would agree with me or maybe not but I think whatever law any country would try to introduce on abortion, it should give individuals a choice on whether to abort or not.
As a Christian I believe destroying life is wrong but I also know how it feels to be raped,let alone carry a child conceived during such a heinous affair.

As far as I am concerned ,it is better to leave it open for individuals. If one can bear keeping the child,then it's their choice and maybe will live with it,but if done by force some individuals might find it hard to cope with a child they know resulted from a rape or an incestous affair. Let's face being raped carries scars that lives with an individual for the rest of their lives. Imagine added to that a child?
I was nearly raped myself but since it's happened I have not been able to have it out of my mind.
If my attacker had succeeded and I had been pregnant I don't know whether I would have managed with the baby. All I am saying is it should be left on the individual involved to decide what they would want to do rather than have a law that tells them what to do with their life. It comes back to controlling women and I would say to Rick- be reasonable and don't be a chauvinist. Women have a right to take control of their sexuality.They do not need a law telling them what is right or wrong.

What do you think?
To be continued....

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