Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Of Independence and Tears

I am just thinking -how time flies. Thirty two years ago one of Africa's great countries became independent. I was four years then. Here we go. I am sure if you know your history,you know the country I am referring to.
''Ropa rakadeuka''(blood was shed) as my people would say for you and me. Relatives,friends ,sons and daughters were lost and tears were shed. From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe - a new nation was born
A new chapter opened.

However recently I was in Africa and realised a new form of colonialism from the east this time.
It's all about China. I am sure soon mandarin will be considered in schools.
Do we not risk risk loosing our precious independence again just to prove that without the west life goes on.
 Just a thought. Happy 32nd birthday Zimbabwe.

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