Sunday, 13 September 2015

Female Genital Mutilation and the Journey ahead

Have you ever wondered why, with FGM having been so much in the limelight in the last 5 years, there have not been any prosecutions in Britain?


A conversation I had recently with somebody I know in the anti FGM sisterhood ended in disappointment. She clearly thinks that because so much attention has been paid to FGM in the news of late, there is no longer any need to do anything. WRONG! Actually now is when we need to do more. Since there has been more awareness raised, more and more people who believe in this practice will now go underground. It has been known throughout history that people engaged in whatever practise will try to find a way of acting in secret if they are forced to do so by legislation. So let’s be vigilant and not fool ourselves into believing that the work has been done.


Remember this is not the first time FGM awareness has been raised.


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