Thursday, 14 March 2013

Things not to wear for work

Just some tips for work. Ladies what do you think?


1. Leggings

Tights, leggings, whatever you call them – don’t wear them to work. Actually, unless you’re going to gym or covering up your nether regions with a long enough dress, don’t ever wear leggings as pants.

It doesn’t matter how skinny you are – no one wants to see your bum cheeks or the occasional camel toe. This is such a major no no!

Rather try: Jeggings. More jean, less legging. But it shouldn’t look like pantyhose.

2. Plakkies

You’re not at the beach and there’s really no need to flip flop around the office. You’ll end up looking sloppy and unprofessional.

Rather try: Pretty embellished sandals

3. Shorts

Yes, I know it might be hot but  like I mentioned above, this isn’t the beach. You are not on holiday. You’re in an office and you need to look professional – even if the vibe is laid back.

Rather try: A maxi dress. You’ll still feel summery, but without looking like a lady of the night.

4. See-through shirts

Sheer shirts might be all the hype right now, but showing off your lacey bra to everyone at work is not a good idea. So, instead of exposing Victoria’s Secret, rather wear a simple strappy top underneath and trust me, you’ll still look pretty!

Rather try: Layers. It’s easy: Bra – strappy top – then sheer shirt.

5. Cleavage

Yes, you heard me – don’t wear your cleavage to work. Leave those puppies at home, or at least, tuck them away till after 17:30.

Rather try: Balance. Wear a statement neckpiece or a beautifully patterned top. You can be sexy without being slutty.


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