Monday, 4 March 2013

Calling all men! Join our quest to end Female Genital Mutilation in Africa and the world!

Since my campaign started, I have been asking men if they know what FGM is, and the answer has usually been ‘’No idea’’. In Europe, wanting to be politically correct and not be seen to pick on other cultures has actually delayed getting the message across to men of all races. The ‘it’s not our place to talk about other people’s cultures attitude’ has let women down. In contrast people have always known and talked about male circumcision which of course is NOT a male equivalent, and should not be regarded as remotely comparable.

In countries that practise FGM, the event has always been seen as a ‘’rite of passage’ for marriage, and defended on that count. In Tanzania for example, some men actually wait for the return of women from initiation ceremonies and choose their brides before they have even had the chance to shower, knowing very well what the women would have gone through. Is it not time these men think of the pain and torture inflicted on their fellow human beings in the name of tradition, and for the purpose of male gratification?

Consider this scenario. If boys who are circumcised were to have half their penis chopped off as part of the procedure, would we have an outcry in the world?

Somebody once said, “all that is needed for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing”. So come on good men! Now is your chance to stand up and be counted! Join us in our quest to end FGM !

It is a crime and should end! Be man enough and help us end it!

By Abigal Muchecheti



  1. It is definitely true that some forms of FGM (type III) are worse than male circumcision. To say they're not remotely comparable is incorrect. What about Muslim Sunat, for example. Please read:

    Certainly you are opposed to this form of FGM even though it is less invasive than the male form. Why is it necessary to denigrate the fight against male circumcision to fight FGM?

    I know you have already seen my blog entry on this subject.

    Male circumcision removes 50% of penile skin (so it is like cutting off half the penis), 15,000 nerves (more than are in the clitoris), and 15 sq cm. of skin leaving the glans dry and hard. The only sensitive part is the scar. Male circumcision maims the penis just as FGM maims the female genitalia.

    Whether it's a ceremonial nick or infibulation, I am opposed to all forms of genital mutilation. To me, they are all equally bad and equally evil.

    1. Some perspective from a woman:

  2. I note your claim that male circumcision "is NOT a male equivalent, and should not be regarded as remotely comparable." As a man who was circumcised as an infant at the behest of my intact mother and thereafter had to content myself with a mutilated penis and second-class sex life I beg to differ. I note that you "also write about men" but I shall not waste my valuable time reading such material in view of your biased perspective that you make no secret of.