Friday, 15 February 2013

Female Genital Mutilation and Men


I have been thinking, since I became aware of female genital mutilation, whether men should be involved in the campaign to end it? The answer is YES.

From time back women in many societies have done things to please both physically and mentally.

In Africa for example, society has always expected women to go to extraordinary lengths in order to please men. Women were often prepared for marriage at a tender age. Girls were taught to cook for their men, run a house and make sure things ran smoothly when they were married. Don’t get me wrong! Men were also subjected to various forms of initiation but never as physically rigorous. While men came out of these initiations looking strong and ready to start a family, young girls who had gone through FGM emerged as mentally weak, timid shadows of their former selves.

In some cultures girls were expected to develop their clitoris. This  happened between  the age of seven and the start of  menstruation. It was supposed to be a daily routine for the purpose of enhancing the sexual pleasure of future husbands.

The mutilation of the clitoris again has its origins in male gratification. In societies where FGM is practised ,women are not expected to enjoy sex as much hence the deliberate and brutal arrest of their sexual desires. Not men! In such cultures men are allowed as many wives as they can get. I think it’s time for good men to get involved. They can make huge strides , merely  by accepting that this procedure is neither acceptable nor necessary. At the moment all I see is women making the effort. It  would be so much more effective if men stood up and joined the quest to end this horrific practise. No man in his right frame of mind could fail to see how painful this procedure is.

As a brother, father and son, just take a moment to think about the physical and mental consequences of FGM.


Written by Abigal Muchecheti, Author of Married to a devil and soon to be released ‘A Lost Youth’- a book on Female Genital Mutilation.

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  1. OK I hear you my sister, how about a woman who writes about men's rights? There is so much emasculation of men in this pro-women obssessed society and I say its a real problem that partly explains some of the issues you are grappling with as you fight for women's rights. The picture I get is that which suggests women's emancipation can only be achieved at the epense of men. There will be a backlash and should feminists succeed they will only create a new form of strugggle-the assertion of men's rights against women. Today I saw a story here about a woman who literally walked scot-free in Zimbabwe having been found guilty of sexually abusing a 12year old boy for months. If it had been a man...