Monday, 25 February 2013

Bad Winter Habits to be aware of

Eating comfort foods

Bad diet habits during winter tend to be a common issue, but be aware that eating foods with too much sugar, or fat, and not enough fruit and vegetables can harm your immune system. You could also gain weight, which can put you at risk of many diseases such as obesity and heart-related problems in the long run. Follow this routine to stay healthy this winter and after.

Not doing any exercise

In winter people become lazy when it comes to exercise, and a chilly wind or gust of rain can undermine your best intentions. It’s obvious that you will gain weight and you’re at risk of various diseases in the future. Walk (outdoors or on a treadmill) at least 20 minutes a day and that will help your immune system to perform better to fight flu and colds.

Sleeping for too long


Winter is sometimes a good reason to change our sleeping patterns. We tend to go sleep earlier than usual and wake up later, blaming it to the miserable weather. But research links sleeping too much with increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. It is better to stick to a regular sleep routine.

Spending too much time indoors

We might find it important to stay indoors at all times during winter because of the cold, but houses might not be well-ventilated, so dust, smoke and odours re-circulate. Get out in the sun (if it’s around) as it will help to keep your spirits up. Do not forget to open the windows for fresh air every now and then.

Drinking less water

Coffee and tea are popular drinks on cold winter days, and often people do not drink enough water, which could lead to dehydration. Weight management begins with good hydration and since water weakens the appetite stimuli, it helps to reduce fat deposits. Water plays an important role in regulating all body functions. If you crave the comfort of a warm drink, try warm water with a slice of lemon.


Look after yourself!

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