Saturday, 19 January 2013

Too Sick for Work?

If you wonder whether you should go to work or not, you are probably well enough to go. But sometimes you wake up and you just know you can't. It could be flu, a cold, a migraine, or the after-effects of a fish dinner.

What are the signs that you are too sick to go to work?

  • When the thought of getting up out of bed to phone your boss, takes more mental preparation than the Comrades marathon.
  • When you get to a point where you become afraid that you might not die.
  • When you have used up the month’s supply of toilet paper – on your nose.
  • When you answer the telephone by saying, “Hallo Jeannette here” and the person on the other side says, “Good morning, Sir.”
  • When you are prepared to take a second bond on the house to get the doctor to make a housecall.
  • When your husband seals off half the house and has the Health Department put up Quarantine notices.
  • When you reach the point where you don’t care that the presentation you have worked on for 6 weeks will now be delivered by the assistant secretary.
  • When it hurts to open your eyes – even to read or watch TV.
  • When you feel that your lungs are about to volunteer themselves for organ donation.
  • When your family stops saying “Bless you”, as they might become hoarse.
  • When you feel as if you have been volunteered for medical experiments without your knowledge.
  • When your dog does not recognise you.


Look after yourself! If you don’t no one else does.


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