Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bad Parenting- Culture or Pure evil?

Well before I go ahead I have to put a disclaimer. My comments are based entirely on a survey carried out recently and I have written this unknown world from a friend's request. As a Christian I alos believe God protects us from evil. My friend claims to be having all the misfortunes that everyone could think of and she attributes this to the bad works of her father. The father and the mother are divorced and the father does not like to see the kids doing well for fear they would look after their mother only.(Talk about another Southern African attribute). The father spends all his money going after traditional medicine men  in his quest to bring misfortunes on his children. In a survey carried out in Zimbabwe however 95% of the respondents to the survey agreed they were aware of such forces.Some knew of people whose families were haunted by a jealous uncle or aunt who was then using Juju to make the life of the other family uncomfortable. Can JuJu ever be justified?

What is JuJu?

Juju is a West African magic charm or amulet or gri-gri (see below) used by a shaman, medicine man or witch doctor. Many objects may contain a magical juju spirit. Juju can be the fetish object itself, the magic power inside the object, or juju may be the tutelary spirits who superintend and wield juju, at the behest of the witch doctor.  Whichever way anything that has a potential of making other people suffer is evil. Would we not be better people if we were to live life freely?

 Talk about juju Africa is at the fore front.This might explain why these things -curses and bad spirits are not known in the same light in Europe as much as they are in Africa. Apparently good juju cures diseases of mind and body. Bad juju works to get revenge, to assuage jealous rage, or to bring bad fortune crashing down upon the fate and body of someone who has thwarted you in business, in love or cheated you at the marketplace. Bad juju can be used just to spite and make life miserable for others.That's purely a thing done by evil people.

When I was at University years ago,another friend of mine was always haunted by what she said was a family curse. It was very difficult to understand what she meant at the time.I thought she was deluded. A father doing what exactly? It was said he used his girls for juju. He gets to be rich while his children suffers.They were not to be married. No man will see them as women for as long as the father lived. None of the girls had boyfriends much as they wanted and the eldest was in her thirties.This to African standards in the 90s was abnormal. A woman should be by that time be married or at least in a relationship. They were told by prophets that their father was using them for his business and surely none of them are married. Coincidence or Truth?

For people from a different culture this might sound far fetched but to many African this sounds familiar. As a matter of fact, women have been known to do the same. Make the children suffer by using magic and curses. Who would do such a thing to their own child? Yes they do.

This Juju practice has a tendency of making people sick,misfortunes ad have financial problems only to mention a few. There seem to be a generation of parents who go after juju inorder to better themselves financially. They seem to do this at the expense of the younger generation who have no idea what their adults do behind closed doors.It is a spiritual war that is difficult to understand.

In the west we often associate spells and curses with books and not really a big issue. For Africa and some some parts of the world, these things are real and has led to men and women around the world suffer, some even to the extend of disowning their parents.

There is so many evil practices around the world but one attributed to a parent is the worst. I know of parents who had abused , raped their daughter and some even killing their children. Why should people like that be allowed to have kids in the first palce, one wonders.

Each culture has it's own evil practices but what exactly goes in the mind of a man or woman who harms his own flesh? Is it some pyschological disease or just pure evil?

To friends and anyone who finds this familiar, praying does help.

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