Friday, 8 June 2012

On Bullying and it's phychological impacts

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I have to comment on this after I was bullied myself and believe me it’s not a good thing to go through. Parents should be on the lookout for their kids’welfare at school as this really is a nasty experience. People 's lives have been changed by bullies and some of the worst affected have even turned into alcoholics, manic depressive etc after the experience.

What is bullying?

Bullying can take many forms: from teasing and spreading rumours to pushing someone around and causing physical harm. It often happens in front of other people.

It includes name calling, mocking, kicking, taking belongings, writing or drawing offensive graffiti, messing around with people’s belongings, gossiping, excluding people from groups, and threatening others.

Why are people bullied?

Children and young people are bullied for all sorts of reasons. It can be due to their race, their religion, their appearance, their sexual orientation, because they have a disability or because of their home circumstances. People are bullied for being black, white, fat, clever, gay or just being different from what is considered the norm. These are a few examples.

But people are sometimes picked on for no reason.

Cyberbullying is increasingly common inside and outside school as well as at home. It also happens to adults so be careful of whom you deal with. With social networking bullying can now happen anywhere and anytime.

Cyberbullying is any form of bullying that involves the use of mobile phones or the internet. For example, sending offensive text messages and emails, circulating degrading images on the internet, or impersonating someone on social networking sites such as Facebook.  

Actually the reason I have decided to comment is because I was bullied on Facebook recently. This person asked to be a friend and him being from home I accepted. Little did I know what he was up to. At first it was the occasional ‘Hi, how are you doing when I was on line until one day he said,

‘’I hate people who are living abroad. You are traitors. You and your families deserve to be killed. I was petrified’’.

A wolf disguised as a lamb. I still do not understand why he did that but I simply blocked him. I am still scared on how extreme his views are on people living abroad.

The effects of bullying

The effects of bullying are horrific.

Bullying makes the lives of its victims miserable. It undermines their confidence and destroys their sense of security. It takes away life from people and they can actually grow to be unsettled men and women leading to serious mental health issues.

Bullying can cause sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety and poor concentration, and lead to self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts and, in some cases, suicide.

Bullying can also affect children and young people's attendance and progress at school.

Please let’s all stop this kind of behavior as it simply makes other people’s lives a misery. If you are being bullied seek help before you are dragged down and to bullies it’s time you take responsibility. Bullies are actually cowards themselves and only seek to make it up by making life hard for others.

Shame on all bullies!

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