Friday, 1 June 2012

The Curse of being a Woman - Adultery

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I hope you found my blog yesterday informative. I didn't mean to write anything today but then I was horrified to read about a woman in Sudan who has been sentenced to stoning for adultery. If you are wondering where this is leading  but if you have been following me I guess you might know the subject of my discussion. Yes you heard me right- stoning means death but in a painful way. There are some states in America and countries around the world still having death penalty and I am not going to go in that debate. Adultery has always been there since time began and its just part of life and people go separate ways over that but death-it's just not right.

What made me want to share this with you is the fact that in this particular case it is only the woman being stoned to death. The man this woman had a sexual relationship with is alright. Life goes on for him while this woman  go through such a painful untimely death.

We need to think about these things and respect and protect people whether female or male. Why then does this law only apply to women? Is it not another way of abusing women? Who has the right to judge anyway? Would she not just been left to go about her way? What then happens to  a man cheater. Life goes on for men. I am not saying adultery is good but surely is stoning this woman to death the right thing to do? It is strange how we justify bad way by being worse than those we are accusing.

This woman could have committed adultery for many reasons but obviously she was not happy in the marriage.

It is still a men's world in many parts of the world and it is so wrong to stone a woman to death. Besides it's her body she is using anyway so why should she die? She is not her man's possession and like I said before,''What happens to the man she had a sexual relationship with?

Things like this should not be happening at all in the 21st Century.

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