Monday, 21 May 2012

De-Cluttering the Mind

I thought I should write about this since so many things are happening. I meant to do so before but it had seemed to be the wrong time.  I will talk about several issues here but they all stem from our perceptions of things. Being African,there are many issues I look back at now and say ''that is not right'',something that I might not have said 20 years ago. I am only mentioning these few for now but the list is endless. Let's not hide through culture and hurt those around us.

My point being the African attitude towards many issues- HOMOSEXUALITY for example. Let's face it it was the same in the UK in the early sixties and people were charged for Indecency and unnatural acts. Homosexuality was just seen in the same way as it is by many African countries. It was then and now homosexuality is one of those things.Nobody cares whether one is a homosexual or not. Are we not dragging ourselves in the rubbish as well by banishing and killing homosexuals? When are we going to stop and let people be who they want to be?Even animals have the freedom to roam and do what they want. Let's de- clutter and live in the present and make a better future for the generations to come.Wherever in the world,Homesexuals have the same rights as everyone.

Many people in Africa seem to pick what fits their definition of sin  and culture and deride gays and lesbians which I find very disturbing. Is it not the same christians who talk about not judging as it is only God who can judge us all.

I therefore think we sneed to start de-cluttering our minds. I have heard talk about culture.
For all I know, culture is not static and it is this pick and drop of culture that I find not really good .

Take for example, the reasons by some people in Africa for practising FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION.

Bad as it is,people still practice Female Genital Mutilation and justify it in the name of culture but for all we know it is abuse and none of the parents have consent from their kids. So what are we? We use culture to justify evil deeds like #FGM. Aren't we the perpetrators of violence ourselves by letting the cycle continue?
Let's face it -the world has changed and lets drop those barbaric acts like Female Genital Mutilation. They only bring grief and psychological impacts on its victims. We can't hold on to things that only causes pain on our loved ones? As mothers and women,don't we think it's time to let go of these customs that makes our children miserable? Wherever in the world FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is WRONG.

Another issue I have noticed that seem to be barbaric in Africa is killing of Albinos. As human beings we have learnt to rely on Faith and Science among other things. We have throughout the years understand many things through Science and Albinos have always been born in families all over the world. But to deny them life by killing them is barbaric. We are all the same irregardless of the skin colour ( feel the same pain, grief,hunger , etc). Time we de-clutter our minds and accept what we have. We need to leave these backward practices and embrace the present and the future.
Most of these are justified by a culture here and there but it's time we  de-clutter our minds and free ourselves from self destruction.

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of those we are attacking and try imagining how it would feel if the tables were turned. Food for thought.

To be continued.......

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